Record & Share video-based SOP's in a Snap

The easy way to communicate standard operating procedures through step-by-step video instruction keeping your team safe and compliant.

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Provide clear video-led instruction

Poorly written SOPs mean they are poorly followed – resulting in costly fines and revenue loss.

Snap SOP allows you to create easy, digestible, effective SOPs with visual queues and clear instructions.

Publish effective SOP's in as little as 3 clicks

Simply choose how you want to capture your content and then record, publish, and share.

Plus, you can easily update or edit existing SOP videos to keep processes current and compliant, and version history is automatically tracked for any video changes.

Capture & share institutional knowledge

Centralize and preserve your company’s tribal knowledge through Snap SOP’s easy-to-use recording features.

Record yourself, your on and off screen processes, add multiple presenters, and include notes to link to important resources.

Simple to use. Powerful visual features.

Snap SOP’s features allow you to point, click and record your way to a compliant safety culture.

Flexible recording options

Record yourself, your screen or just your voice.

Include multiple presenters

Assign parts of your video for other colleagues to contribute.

Edit and rearrange sections

Videos are broken up in sections for easy editing and updating as your process changes.

Record and import videos

Easily record and import videos with Snap SOP's web app on desktop or mobile.

Share safe & secure

Permission-managed folder & link sharing make distributing content safe and easy.

Capture useful feedback

Insert questions directly into your video to gather valuable feedback related to your procedures.

Organize your library

Create permission-based folders or videos for different departments and teams.

Receive automated notifications

Get notified when members view or engage with videos, and when new folders are created and assigned.

Track views & versioning

Downloadable reports available to see who viewed your video. Version history is automatically tracked when changes are made.

Record & view processes where they happen

Snap SOP’s flexible desktop and mobile platform allows you to record and view procedures wherever they occur in your on-site or off-site operation.

Build in feedback loops to improve your procedures

Insert questions directly into your SOP video and capture critical feedback through video commenting threads.

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