Use Cases

See how companies are using Snap SOP to create and manage procedures to stay safe and compliant.

Engineering, Manufacturing & Quality

Enable your factory’s speed, accuracy, and safety:

  • Disseminate engineering best practices/applications
  • Document equipment assembly, safety, and LEAN processes
  • Capture inspection and nonconformance procedures
Handsome mature engineer in the factory

Field Service

  • Record critical operations or troubleshooting steps in the field or on the floor
  • Record videos where the processes actually take place
  • Import new or previously recorded videos into your SOP’s
Technology solar cell, Engineer service installation solar cell. technician maintenance solar panels

Customer Service

Equip teams with the confidence to handle even the most challenging customer inquiries. Provide quick resolution without having to track down multiple stakeholders to get an answer.

Businessman In Cubicle Wearing Headset Talking To Caller In Busy Customer Services Centre

Sales & Marketing

Navigate reps through critical resources like CRM, quoting tools, and sales planning templates.

Seamlessly communicate marketing campaign workflows, automation procedures, and product launch instructions.

Elegant mature businessman explaining a project to his colleagues on coworking place.

Project Management

Align teams around your organization’s planning and budgeting methodologies to keep projects moving forward. Use Snap SOP’s feedback loops to uncover process improvement and smooth out bottlenecks.

Excited Human Resources Manager Lady Reading Resumes At Workplace

Human Resources

Document important policies and resources related to the company, department, and function. Make onboarding a breeze by assigning SOPs to new hires and contractors.

Portrait, office and business woman on laptop for corporate workplace management, accounting and fi

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